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Empowering African Youths in innovation and entrepreneurship to create solutions to the grand challenges in government, social and business spaces.

If wealth is a reward for problem solved what excuses then do Africans have living in poverty when we have tons of challenges in food production, Transportation, Health, Payment, Housing, Employment, Electioneering and Public service?
The rebirth story of Africa’s Abundance through exponential technology launches in Ekiti.

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Join Automate Ekiti to provide solutions relevant to your community and the world at large.

Join us to AUTOMATE Ekiti, Benue, Oyo, Nassarawa, Delta, Abia …and all other state in Nigeria and beyond. The first phase of this project is ‘AUTOMATE EKITI’.

The project seeks to achieve the following within the next 5years in each state.

  • Equip 10,000 Youths in digital skills: Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Programming, Motion Animation, Cyber Security, Project Management etc.

  • Train 70,000 elderly residents in better use of gadgets and the internet.

  • Train 20,000 Children in Programing, Robotics, Motion Animation and other digital skills

  • Midwife the establishment of 1000 Starts-up businesses

  • Transform job seekers to job creators by creating 20,000 jobs

  • Assist 5,000 youths to get gainful employment in the innovation and technology ecosystem within and outside the country

  • Generate an estimate of N15billion revenue within the next 5 years

  • Automate 100 public service/social activities within the states

Digital Skills Training

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Block Chain

  • Programming

  • Robotics

  • Cyber Security

  • Crypto Currency Development & Motion Animation

At the end of the course, you will learn top notch digital skills needed to stand out in today’s digital world. You will also learn how to use technology to provide solutions relevant to your community and the world at large.

Each Fellow Shall :-

  • Train 7 elderly or computer illiterate residents within their communities, on how to use the internet, smart phones, and computer systems to expand digital economy

  • Fellows must be ready to train two young persons in any digital skill

  • Fellows shall also participate in an automation project within the public service

  • Outstanding fellows shall be given privilege consideration to the start-up Village, Ekiti start-up investment fund and global entrepreneurship mentoring.


Run an entrepreneurship challenge within the state to identify teams who can proffer business solutions to a minimum of 1 million people

Establish Innovation Lab and a prototyping workshop and train successful teams in Innovation and entrepreneurship

Seed launched start-ups ( The Ekiti Start up Investment Fund)

Migrate start-ups to a functional work-space within the Start-up Village

Ekiti is privileged to premier this, join us today to make this happen.


‘Dignovate Africa’ is an initiative of Bridgewater’s foundation, it’s a 5 years digital, innovation and entrepreneurship project that seeks to span across rural and semi-urban communities in Africa with the goal of Equipping and training 1,000,000 African in digital technology, capture their enthusiasm and inspire innovations for development that will lead to employment creation and also enable them to participate in global IT.

The aim is to help young people outside African major cities develop competencies in exponential digital innovation and entrepreneurship to create adaptable solutions to the grand challenges in their social space, government and business circles within their communities and the world at large.

  • We are raising a new crop of young and selfless leaders who can develop indigenous solutions to the challenges we face in Africa

  • Stem the needless flight of our young brains to Europe, Asia and America and if they must go, equip them with skills and relevant job experience that can make them compete within the IT global space.

  • Reduce the migration of young people from semi urban communities to the big slums, called cities across Africa

  • Employ technology to innovate and create abundance

Dignovate Africa Fellows

 is a digital, innovation and empowerment platform to help young people, outside African Major Cities, develop competencies in exponential, digital innovation and entrepreneurship: to make and forge social impact; nurture, grow and build their own products and businesses.

Our Goal

  • Equip and train 1,000,000 African youths in digital technology including; Artificial intelligence, Block chain, Programing, Website designing, Ethical hacking, Project management, Motion Animation, Robotics etc., capture their enthusiasm and inspire innovations for development that will lead to employment creation and also enable them to participate in global IT.

  • Train 2,000,000 computer illiterate elders in the use of internet, smartphones and other gadgets

  • Train 1,000,000 youths in Coding, Robotics, AI, Motion Animation and other digital skills

  • Facilitate the establishment of 5,000 starts-up businesses in semi-urban and rural areas across Africa.

  • Generate an estimate of $40,000,000 within the next 5years

  • Help Create 100 IT start-up lab/work spaces across Africa.

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