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What is Automate Ekiti

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Automate Ekiti is the debut or call it , first phase of ‘Dignovate Africa project’- a platform to equip and train Ekiti youths in digital, innovation and entrepreneurship skill, empower them to identify and provide solutions to problems. The project seeks to achieve the following in Ekiti within the next 5years;

Equip about 10,000 Youths in digital skills: Artificial intelligence, Robotics, Programming, Motion Animation, Cyber Security, Project Management etc.

Train 70,000 elderly residents in better use of gadgets and the internet.

Train 20,000 Children in Programing, Robotics, Motion Animation and other digital skills

Midwife the establishment of 1000 Starts-up businesses in Ekiti in the next 5yearsa

Transform job seekers to job creators by creating 20,000 jobsa

Assist 5,000 youths to get gainful employment in the innovation and technology aecosystem within and outside the countrya

Generate an estimate of N15billion revenue within the next 5 years

Automated 100 public service/social activities within Ekiti to upscale productivity

Each Fellow Shall
Train 7 elderly or computer illiterate residents within their communities, on how to use the internet, smart phones, and computer systems to expand digital economy

Fellows must be ready to train two young persons in any digital skill

Fellows shall also participate in an automation project within the public service

Outstanding fellows shall be given privilege consideration to the start-up Village, Ekiti start-up investment fund and global entrepreneurship mentoring.

For every phase of the project, successful applicants will go through an intensive three (3) months training in any of their choice of course(s) i.e Artificial intelligence, Block Chain, Motion Animation, Cyber Security, Programming, Website designing etc. tutored by our carefully selected and experienced IT Experts in a conducive environment well equipped with Computers, power and Internet facilities. During the period, interns will be grouped to carryout automation project within the community


As part of the requirement for the award of the IT Certificate, successful Interns/Fellows will be required to carry out an automation project for any public service or social processes or SME’s within their communities, this no doubt will bring huge accelerated development in the communities.

As part of the Mega project, we are organizing an innovation conference tagged ‘AFSPIRE INNOVATION CONFERENCE’ It is a conference that will give young people outside Africa’s major cities the opportunity to meet, learn and network with professionals, researchers and entrepreneurs committed to innovation and entrepreneurship development, they will learn how be successful entrepreneurs. The conference will also afford businesses and public officers the opportunity to gain insightful solutions to strategic problems in an open innovation forum while also partaking in creating abundance.

After the successful training, outstanding fellows shall be given the opportunity to participate in an entrepreneurship challenge which will be organizes within the state to identify teams who can proffer solutions to problems affecting a minimum of 1 million people.

The challenge is open to the public who shall compete in teams of no less than 3 and maximum of 5. The price tag is 100 million naira to be invested in the best teams in the competition. 50 million naira will be invested in the business idea of the overall winner; 30 million naira will be invested in the business idea developed by the 2nd runner up while 20 million naira will be invested in the business idea of the 3rd runner up.

While the entrepreneurship challenge is ongoing, we will seed launch the ‘Ekiti Start-ups Investment Fund’ where start-ups or new entrepreneurs from Ekiti will be given the opportunity to get the investment capital, they need to develop their ideas or product into a commercially viable venture which in turns create more jobs and also bring development to their communities.

We will also establish an Innovation Lab and a prototyping workshop to train successful teams from the entrepreneurship challenges in Innovation and entrepreneurship and help them ideate and transform their ideas into marketable product and businesses. The faculty members include our trustees and partner mentors who are seasoned entrepreneurs and graduates of leading business schools across the world. We are partnering with different consulting firms to get this achieved. For a start, Thrones & Tones Limited, an international productivity consulting firm has agreed to freely offer a two-month consulting services to all startup businesses that springs up from Dignovate Africa Fellowship.

Afterwards, we will migrate start-ups to a functional work-spaces within a Start-up Village where they will have access to all the equipment’s needed to be productive and successful, providing IT services to not just their immediate communities. but the world at large

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